This is a semifinished product made in our laboratories; it is a good alternative to honey because it has the same main characteristic: density, colour, flavouring and taste. Extremely efficacious, it is used by famous national important confectionery industries and used in many different recipes.
Because of its perfect sweetening power NECTAROL permits a huge reduction of sugar in the mixtures. It gives more malleability to the mixture.
It’s a basic ingredient in baking products and fine biscuits. It is an excellent technological adjuvant because it extends the “shelf life” of the product, gives a delicate golden-brown colour, a better taste and flavour.
Packaging: kg.5-20

Dutch cocoa with 22-24% of cocoa butter, made by a strong roasting in order to give a strong and intense chocolate flavour to ice-cream. It assure a perfect colour to the final product.
Packaging: kg.1

Semifluid compounds produced at high concentration, easy to use, useful to give the typical taste to the product. Useful also in confectionery products.
Packaging: kg.2,6



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