Pannaforte DIA 80 for whipped cream
Semifinished powder product to add to whipping cream. It gives perfect stability to cream and solve all the whipping problems. It is useful for the recipes that need cream.
Packaging: kg. 2 in 10 pieces boxes

Mix for mousses and soft cakes
Neutral powder base for the preparation of mousses and soft cakes. The particular structure is useful because it is easy, sure and fast in the realisation of mousses and soft cakes.
Packaging: kg. 2 in 10 pieces boxes

DIA dolcegelo base for icecream cakes
Neutral balanced new mix for the preparation of desserts and light and delicate ice cream cakes to keep in refrigerators. The neutral base made must be flavoured with “GUSTOPIU’” creams and decorated according to the confectioner.
The ice cream cakes made with DIA DOLCEGELO keep their softness also at positive temperatures and the slices keep a precise and sharp cut.
Packaging: kg. 2 in 10 pieces boxes

Lemon sorbet mix
Confectionery mix used in the preparation of lemon sorbet to serve in glasses and for creamy granitas. Very easy to use with excellent results.
Packaging: kg. 1 in 10 pieces boxes



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