Seven classic flavours, irreplaceable both in the traditional high confectionery specialities and in new kind of products. They give a smooth taste to whipped cream and confectionery cream. The natural taste typical pf Sicilian lemon are the main ingredients of CITRONNE base.
Very useful because of its structure and mix of citrus essence together with the typical lemon fragrance.
CITRONNE is unique, inimitable and different from the other similar products present in the market. Irreplaceable taste of high Italian confectionery tradition, ZABAIONE paste is a classical quality product for the natural ingredients and colour (eggs, valuable Marsala wine, sugar).
The well-balance combination permits a perfect combining to creams, whipped cream, chantilly…

Cioccopasta - Citronne - Coffee - Hazelnut - Orange-Torroncino-Zabaione

Packaging: kg.5
- 2 pieces boxes



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