DIA is a leader company in the huge market of flavours and it is an ideal partner for the confectionary industry and able to meet the standard or tailor made demand.

High technology, great creativity and competence experienced in 50 years offer a complete and qualified range of flavours.

Flavours for risen product: panettone, pandoro, colomba, brioches, croissant, krapfen, Veneziana, babà, ecc.
Flavours for kneaded products: sponge cakes, plum-cakes, sponge fingers, ecc.
Flavour for bicuits: shortbread biscuits, tea biscuits, wafers, macaroons, ecc.
Flavours for frozen cakes and croissant.
Flavours for cold and hot cream.
Flavours with a low alcoholic content for soaking: stuffed cakes, tiramisu, ecc.




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