Complete prebalanced bases permit to obtain a mixture that can be easily prepared according to the creativeness of the master ice cream man. Available in different weights, very easy to use, they give a perfect structure, easy to serve and of perfect preservation.

Neutral powder 3-5 g.
Neutral powder classic super cream 5-7 g.
Nuvola latte – An excellent base to make creamy ice-creams, available in both neutral and cream version.
Nuvola acqua –A perfect base to make fruit ice-creams (it can be used cold).
Wellbeing base 300 – Base used in the preparation of low in calories ice-creams, is used in the preparation of lactose free ice-creams. Lightly vanilla flavoured.
Fructose base 300 – Ideal for the preparation of free in saccharose ice-creams. Lightly vanilla flavoured, it can be used with different flavours.

Packaging: kg. 2 in 10 pieces boxes



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